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well i don't like your FACE old lady!

scoff scoff scoff

16 October
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i don't add everybody.
that's how it works out.
i bitch about life and i'm cryptic.
deal. with. it. plz. thx.
i'm not going to put up with LJ drama.
i mean, come on.
i don't usually comment,
i often read,
but i always care.

and something else-
i have social anxiety.
sometimes it makes me want to cry.
[but a lot of the time i makes me scared/nervous/depressed]
it's embarrassing.
so if you think i hate you,
or if you think i'm a bitch,
i'm probably just really intimidated by you.
[which is a lame excuse for why i don't talk to a lot of people]
i don't like parties.
i don't like being with groups of people.
i'm happiest with close friends.
[because i know i'm safe]
but a lot of the time i'm really shy, self-concious, and insecure.
but people don't realize this because i pretend to be funny.
but hey,
whatever works.
am i right?
am i right?


[ps] i'm really not as special as some of you make me out to be.

i'm a joke.

all my hugs!
hug me because you love me

get hugged too

rejected from
[looks like i'm kicking ass and taking names bitch.]



undercooked eggs, celery in all forms, cooked carrots/tomatoes/bell peppers, people that bite metal utensils when they eat, her mother, you if you think you're better than other people.
drinking pink things only, pigeon toes pigeon tooooes